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Delticom: Your SUV needs winter tyres too

Four wheel drive alone isn’t enough - SUV’s also need winter tyres

Delticom AG, Hannover – 29.10.2014: Many drivers feel as though their four wheel drive SUV is invincible on the winter roads. It isn’t surprising considering the elevated seating position and generous dimensions, which provide a sense of great safety for many motorists- one major reason why this segment of the car market continues to show strong growth. According to statistics, SUV sales in the UK* have more than doubled in the past 5 years. It is important to remember that driving an SUV should not result in careless driving or lack of safety. During the winter months, a four wheel drive car is not enough protection against the unpredictable road conditions.

When comparing the traction of a 4 wheel drive SUV to a rear wheel drive car, it is clear that the 4 wheel drive has the advantage. Pulling away on the snow using summer tyres is still easier but bringing the car to a halt is a different matter.

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Delticom: Winter tyres: Myth and reality

Delticom AG, Hanover – 14.10.2014: Nothing lasts as well, or as stubbornly as a prejudice. This also applies to getting the right winter tyres for your car. “Too noisy”, “too slow”, “increase fuel consumption”. Winter tyre moaners can be really creative in finding excuses why they shouldn’t move over to “winter specialists”. But what is actually the truth behind the most common winter tyre prejudices? Here’s a check list of 5 typical statements.

“Only use them in ice and snow”

Are winter tyres only of benefit on snowy or icy roads? Anyone who believes that is way off the mark. Due to their special rubber blend, cold weather tyres or winter tyres perform better than summer tyres in terms of grip even at temperatures of seven degrees Celsius and less. More grip means more safety and it also reduces braking distance.

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Delticom: Compare Prices online at Toroleo Specialist Price Comparison Site
  • Toroleo offers a quick and easy way of finding out the best deals on tyres and wheel rims

Delticom AG, Hanover – 22.08.2014. Most consumers shop online because they are seeking to save money and time. As many as seven in ten Internet shoppers state that they “always” or at least “mostly” compare prices before making a purchase. Only three percent fail to research the best offer available before they buy.* Europe’s leading Internet tyre retailer, Delticom, has reacted to this continuing trend by acquiring the price comparison websites toroleo.de and toroleo.at. Toroleo offers a specialist price comparison service for tyres and wheel rims.

The website is aimed at all car owners from the enthusiast to the general driver. Highly accurate search filters provide a simple and convenient means of making price comparisons of all the premium top brands, good-value secondary and tertiary brands and quality tyres in the medium and lower price segment. In comparison to other price comparison websites Toroleo is optimized to the tyre buyers needs with extensive filter possibilities. In addition to this, the desired product can be directly ordered from one of the linked stores with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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