Delticom Ag

Capital Research und Management Company

Capital Research und Management Company

Mitteilung nach § 21 Abs. 1 WpHG (Aktie)

On August 9, 2011, Capital Research and Management Company, Los Angeles, USA, has notified us pursuant to 21 (1) WpHG that its percentage of voting rights in Delticom AG, Hanover, Germany, exceeded the threshold of 10% and amounted to 10.01% of the voting rights (1.186.421 voting rights) as of August 2, 2011.

10.01% (1.186.421 voting rights) of all voting rights in Delticom AG were attributed to Capital Research und Management Company pursuant to section 22 (1) sent. 1 no. 6 WpHG. Of those voting rights arising from 1.186.421 ordinary shares, voting rights arising from 939,921 ordinary shares (7.94%) were held by SMALLCAP World Fund, Inc., Los Angeles, USA, which is thus a shareholder holding a stake of 3% or more in the voting rights in Delticom AG.